Sunday, February 21, 2010


Elijah spoke at an early ward this morning. He did great. He was asked to be companion with a visiting High Councilman. He spoke on "Where To Find Truth" and really, he did a great job. Bravo, kid.

Because we went to an earlier sacrament meeting, it allowed me to stay with a sick 2-year-old while his family went to Church and various was me and Clark. Following are two conversations we had. I'm not kidding...these were real convos....

CLARK: This morning, when I woke up, I picked a booger off my lip.

MOO (me): Wow. Really? Are you sure it was a booger?

CLARK: Yea. It was a lip booger. I picked it off my lip, like this *mimics picking skin off his bottom lip*

MOO: You know, buddy, I'm betting that was just some dry skin on your lip because they're cracked. When you get sick, your lips get dry and make skin like that.

CLARK: No! It was a booger.

MOO: Boogers are in your nose.

CLARK: It was a lip booger, Moo Moo!

MOO: Of course it was.


CLARK: What's that? *pulling a tissue out of my sleeve, where I've kept a tissue for 50 years*

MOO: Well, that's a tissue to wipe my nose with.


MOO: I have a runny nose. I always have a runny nose.

CLARK: So do I, but I'm a baby.

MOO: Point made. Is that a monster behind the curtain?

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Emmy Slusser said...

hahhahahhahahahah! Oh, my gosh! I love it!