Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today is David's last day here in California. We're taking it easy here. He's doing his laundry. He and Peter have watched some television and cut up a little bit. There's an elephant in the living room. I'm really going to miss my brother. He's been here several weeks. The job thing didn't work out, but he's not too worried. He's going back home to be with his sweet wife and young daughter with the plan of saving up and eventually returning to California. He loves it here and wants to bring his family out here. It's a nice goal. I'm all for it. When the time is right. He also feels an obligation to our mother back in C-bus, as well as to the rest of my children who are there. He was very close to their Dad and feels connected to them.

There has been a LOT of laughing in this house. This morning I grabbed the dog's leash and called for Boo. The hubs said, "I already walked him" to which I replied, "Well, he'll walk again" rather nonchalantly. At the exact same time, in their best evangelical preacher/healer voices, they BOTH said, "HE'LL WALK AGAIN!!!"

Yea...bro will be missed....

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