Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let's not lose our humanity in this political year....

There is so much talk now about the RUNNING MATES...I'm going to suggest something...and pardon the analogy...but I think it's possible to like chocolate and not hate vanilla. There. I said it. Why it must come down to loving/hating is beyond me. Pick your guy and vote, but why the hate? I don't understand it. I think most people know that I lean towards Obama...that said, it doesn't mean I hate McCain. The news shows and talking heads would have you believe that I, as an Obama supporter, hate him, but I don't, and vice-versa (I'm guessing). And I don't hate his running mate. Why should I? I think McCain's choice is kinda sorta obvious and manipulative and perhaps even desperate...but do I hate her? No. Maybe if WE, the voting public don't go negative, the ads won't either. Do we really want to be exposed to that? Please, save us from the campaigns "going negative".

And just as an aside, if we had more Mormon Democrats, we could build up this "party of the people" with all of its compassion and social services and hopefully change the language from "gay" rights to "human" rights...

Save our humanity...let's just vote and move I alone on this?


hi, i'm nancy! said...

no, you are not alone. there is no room for hate in this election (or in anything else, for that matter).

who wrote/recorded the following song?:

why does it have to be right or wrong,
why do we have to hurt one to love another?
blah, blah, blah...
why does it have to be black or white?
why does it have to be something or other?

point being, why does choosing chocolate mean you have to reject vanilla?

answer: you don't.

and you shouldn't.

WE shouldn't.

katzbox said...

amen and amen.