Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Dearest Loved Ones,

If you've ever wished you could do something about all the violence in the world but thought you were powerless, I just found something you've got to see. I am on board with this.

Before you start thinking, "Oh yeah, another 'peacenik' site," let me tell you, this is VERY different. Notable people like Nobel Peace Prize winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Jack Canfield, founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and many celebrities and sports legends are behind this project.

Something's definitely up! I think people are saying enough's enough and I'm one of them...so I just joined.


What's really neat about this is that they've made it fun and easy. Anyone can help with just a few clicks of their mouse. And it all makes sense. We don't need to wait for international negotiations. We can create peace ourselves--right now--using the power of the Internet.

They're giving away this amazing tool, called a "Personal Peace Impact Meter." It shows you the positive difference you're making, along with simple steps to create more peace. I followed the steps, and my peace impact showed up instantly! (They should make video games like this.)

The neat part about this meter is that it also shows all the positive effects of the people I tell, and the people they tell, and so on. Soon thousands of people will be taking positive steps towards greater world peace, all because of a few simple steps I took. Amazing!

After seeing what's been happening with international politics, I'm really glad I can finally do something to help create a more positive future myself.

By the way, these guys also give you what's got to be the world's largest personal growth and success course (at no cost or obligation). World-famous speakers and best-selling authors are working with them to make global peace a reality. Their idea makes sense... Teach people all over the world how to become more personally peaceful, happier, and more successful, and violence will simply disappear, because countries filled with happy, peaceful people simply don't start wars or participate in violence.

I can't believe they figured all this stuff out and got so many people to help in just 11 months. What a great use of the Internet!

This is why I'm so excited.

Here's their site:

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Eliot Bowman said...

I really think it's a neat way for someone to show where they stand.

Good work, Mom.

katzbox said...

you the man....fo sho