Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, I couldn't get the link to work, so please paste the following in your browser and try it that way:

Roy Seeger's new book of poems, "The Boy Whose Hands Were Birds" is being published by Main Street Rag! He is an award winning poet and writer. His wife is a delightfully funny and compassionate woman whom I respect greatly. She is also a poet and writer. I have a link to her site on my the down...there it've got it...Dr. Amanda Warren...oh in rub it....oh sorry, I thought you were scratching my back.

Anyway, you can click on the site above and pre-order the book for a's only $9.00...after it arrives at your place, you can send it to Amanda and Roy's address. They will sign it in a creative and funny way (funny according to them, says Amanda). Tell them it was "pimped" on Deb Katz's blog, and they will send it back to you, hopefully with an even funnier message. I'm planning on doing it. It sounds like a fabulous book from a fabulous mind.

Hope all is well. me out


Stephanie Jette said...

I love that idea....send away for a personal a message from the author?! Let me know what it says. Hugs!!

Eliot Bowman said...

Just from the title the book sounds like it would be a fun read.