Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I love the television show, "THE OFFICE"...I LOVE IT. My daughter Emmy was nice enough to loan me the first three seasons on DVD so I could watch it at my leisure. I became a woman obsessed. Little Eli, who is a great sport, by the way, watched along with me because he has a refined sense of the absurd and a stunningly sarcastic take on life...you're welcome Eli...anyway, the office has a delightful piano intensive theme song and after hearing it played maybe....I don't know....once or twice...ahem...little Eli called me into his room. I walked in and he was sitting at his keyboard smiling and he started playing...yeppers...the Office theme song...it was so cute and kind and funny and talented...everything that Eli is...I'm a lucky lady...and I keep telling Eli how lucky HE is...I don't know, maybe he's listening....

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