Monday, March 17, 2008


I did not take the above pic...but isn't it adorable?

Well, I was semi-immersed in the beautiful Spanish language this weekend.

Friday night, the hubby got a phone call from a friend in the Spanish speaking branch in Palm Springs, asking him if he would give a talk at her mother's funeral the next day. He knew this family from when he served his mission in that area and afterwards. So, naturally, he accepted thankfully but I had no idea what he had to do. He searched on the internet for appropriate remarks, which he copied down in long hand in English...and then he had to translate into Spanish and then DELIVER the talk. I had no idea until I got there that it was a Spanish service...bless his heart.

The sister was quite distraught with loud, copious weeping throughout the service except for when P. gave his talk. She was actually quiet and listening...I was amazed at what I saw. This is a relatively quiet man but when he spoke, his arms and hands were moving in a flowing, engaging manner and his face was beautiful. His speech seemed flawless. I suppose this is why he was the President of the Spanish branch for over 5 years...I was amazed.

At the graveside, the poor sister flung herself on the casket and had to be pulled off...very distressing...the plan of Salvation is such a comfort during these things. I was told later that the sister wasn't a member...we're planning on going to her home with a gift to speak with her.

And the next day, Saturday, we were late for our noon session at the Redland's Temple so we rescheduled for the 2:30 one...which we found out as we dressed was a Spanish session...I was way cool with had subtitles and was actually quite beautiful...

Guess I'd better get my Spanish CD's out huh? I thought I heard a Scottish mission coming our way but perhaps it's Spanish...oy


Stephanie Jette said...

What a blessing it is that we know someday we will see our loved ones again. It acually makes me less afraid of passing on. I know that I'll see all the people that I have loved and the one's that I still need to meet. What a blessing it really is. Thank you Mommy for everything you have taught me.

katzbox said...

I need to get you out here...pronto!

frizzlefry said...

So is the mission before, after, or during grad school?

Eliot Bowman said... said "mannish spanish"