Sunday, March 2, 2008


Saturday was a rare and wonderful day for the hubby and me. First, we slept in...this only happens a few days a year and it was loverly. And then we decided to drive up to Joshua Tree National Park and enjoy. We loaded up the dogs, my folding rocking chair, books and food and took off. It was cold and blowy up there....way cold...which is nice considering our seasonably warm winter of late. The clouds were magnificant, I couldn't find the reservoir but the search was fun and the trees...always the trees...valleys and valleys and acres and acres of these odd tree. They got the name JOSHUA TREES from the Mormon Pioneers who felt they resembled the prophet Joshua raising his arms to heaven.

The sun casts a different light there. I've said this before but it's true...It's a whiter, purer, cleansing light that compels one to think and behave creatively. Many artists come to the desert expressly for the light...not so much to create art but more to be inspired to create art...some way to externalize what is felt when experiencing this light, these rocks, this vegetation, even the animals...we had a coyote following parrallel to our car...very cool...but I kept my littlest dog, Buddha safely separated from our traveling companion, whom I'm certain smelled a possible feast.

Well, we stayed unil after dark so we could watch the light always, always, always, takes my breath away and I do give a little gasp when I get out of the car and look up. All those stars together, giving their little individual light and when combined with the other stars, the cosmic music starts and we enjoy the light show.

All in all, great day...and out


frizzlefry said...

So cool! And I love the pictures!

Eliot Bowman said...

It's my favorite natural place on earth. I can't wait to get there again.

Stephanie Jette said...

I could agree more Eli. I just told Chris that Joshua Tree was my favorite part of the world. I could seriously live there forever and not get tired of it.

Oh-Mommy you so need that house!!