Thursday, September 13, 2007


The above pictures are actual "brides" for sale...they are TEENAGE GIRLS!!!!!

I found this post on a friend's LJ and was just's crazy...and I have no idea how they come up with their "bride prices"'s like, the girls who are the most "wild" seem to be the most expensive, hmmmmmm, but the ones who are more settled, "cost" less...did I read that right?

Anyway, I can't begin to imagine what my price would have been at age 15...I couldn't cook, could barely clean, didn't know the difference between a checking account and a gas bill (true story-I once went to a department store to pay a gas bill, which you could do in 1976, and tried to CASH it...I tried to CASH the gas bill...the lady actually looked at the gas bill, then at me and said slowly, "Honey, you're supposed to PAY these"...yeesh, I just walked my big pregnant butt back home to German Village). So, here, in 2007, we're still selling our sisters for bride money. Thanks internet, we've come a long way baby.


Diane said... I'm not the only one who was clueless. My mom sent me with the house payment when I was 18 to pay at the mortgage company. They gave me a receipt...for the entire $179. and I went out to the car. I walked confidently back in to tell them that they did it wrong. The interest was more than the principal!!!! Way more!! Could they please fix it? I got an education that day.
Oh...and this site might be bogus, deb. whatcha think?

katzbox said...

Oh, please tell me it is...oh, you mean like, porno=ish bogus or what?


So, on the up-side, I don't have to worry about anyone then...Great.

Diane, I'm getting ready for Grad school and I fell for this AND put Nair in my self confidence has taken a hit this week...A BIG HIT.

Like, I don't trust myself with the remote control anymore, it's that bad.

The Slusser Family said...

phew. . .scam.