Sunday, September 16, 2007


Today at Church, there was a man wearing very casual clothes, long white hair with a very long white beard. Very different from our usual suspects. I was immediately intrigued. Since I am a ward missionary and he was new, I asked my husband, the ward mission leader, who he was. Peter, who is extraordinary kind and tactful tried to explain him to me. The fact that Peter attempted to "explain" him to me was enough...I was on top of it. I couldn't get to him quick enough. I walked over to him and threw my hand into his and said, "Hey! My name is Debbie Leighton. What's yours?" Well, the flood gates opened. The preaching commenced. And I was hooked.

We went on a ride that started with Ruben buying horses that they had to ride 30 miles from where they bought them, which is where your back faces the city of fallen angels to the hiils west of there and now he's here, PRAISE THE LORD, and the president of Korea was trying to kill but he's forgiven him, PRAISE THE LORD, and the mark of Venus *insert convoluted astrological and astronomical datum* PRAISE THE LORD, and that's how they're communicating with us, through the vagus nerve, PRAISE THE NERVE. And it just went on and on and it was way too bad that Peter and I had to go to the class we/he have to conduct because I would have just sat and listened to John Summer Breeze all afternoon. I guess I'm in the right field of study because I love people like John Summer Breeze. I love them. Love.


Diane said...

I'm so glad I know you. Love the things you write. Keep it up, girlie.

The Slusser Family said...

That's great, mom!