Friday, September 3, 2010


Here's Eli with his Abbott cousins. They had a lot of fun together.
This is left to right on top: John Leighton, Peter, and Marti's husband. In front, Vicki Leighton, me (laughing because John said something funny at the worst possible time!!!) and Marti Abbot (Peter and John's sister).
Me composed at the 2nd shot.
John, Marti and Peter in a "cheeky" shot. I told them they would thank me later...they did....
Marty and Peter.
Me and my mother-in-law doing a dance.
Peter and his sister Eydie. He was playing a joke on her about bending his silly index finger.
Then he yelled "OUCH" really loud and scared her to death. Yea...he thought it was hysterical.
Peter, his mom, and I...look how cute she was in our "dancing" photo.
Grandma sharing family history with Elijah.

That's the photo update for inquiring minds.

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