Thursday, September 16, 2010


They look dead. They're not. They're just sleeping. Ever sleeping. At my feet. Always and forever...where ever I am, there they are. So I thought I would snap a pic of the two of them, Tink and Boo, right there next to my chair. Loyal, not dead.


Duncanr said...

Cute !!!

I've got 2 Jack Russell puppies (6 month old). When they're tired out in the evening after running around all day playing they flop down at my feet like that, fast asleep, bodies twisted. The moment I move though, they're awake and following me around the house - getting trod underfoot as I stumble over them.

The Katzbox said...

I do that to them as well, tho I can say that I've become rather adept at side-stepping, so perhaps they've helped with my agility...that's their gift to me, then?

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