Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm at a Barnes and Noble using their WIFI. It's nice, but I look like a stalker. I'm actually sneaking around, back hunched, peering between people's knees to search for an electrical outlet. People are putting their arms around their minor children's shoulders as I approach. Adding to the weirdness is the subliminal and slightly creepy voice of the Lion from the movie The Wizard of Oz as he sings about his pseudo braveness. Why are they playing that soundtrack? Does anyone else think the Lion sounds creepy? He's not anywhere near lovable yet at this point in the movie. He's just weird...as am I at this point in my search for free electricity. *sigh*

I'm on break from school. Imma do a dance. Imma do a dance. I'm reading to my heart's content and doing Sudoku....lots and lots of it. It's grand. This is the longest break I've had in school, I believe, since I began school in 2003. Yikkers!!! I've read John Elder Robisons' LOOK ME IN THE EYE. A memoir of growing up with Asperger's Syndrome in the 60s. I am in love with the book. He's amazing. It's a fascinating look into the mind of an "Aspie"...or an "Aspergian", depending on whom you speak with. Aspie is cuter-it sounds like a nickname. Aspergian sounds like a now defunct country from the turn of the century that used to do bad things to people for which the name has become a term for. "Oh, that company gets all aspergian on their employees".

Okay. I'd love to write more. Maybe tomorrow. My 'puter is about to blink off.

Love to all.


Linda said...

Oh, I will read that book - as Uncle Jeff was himself a delightful Aspie. Too bad he got his diagnosis so late in life. He probably would have had an easier time of figuring out his world if he had some insight. Thanks! Love you.

Emmy Slusser said...

You + Barnes and Noble + free time = debt.


Anonymous said...

i almost went into a barnes and noble today.

that's all - i almost went into a barnes and noble today.


The Katzbox said...

@Linda: I thought of him quite often as I read this book. He would have laughed and possibly cried as he read it. Poignant, moving, and funny as all get out-that's what this book is.

@Emmy: Word! Plus, I picked up Mae's book, IS YOUR MAMA A LLAMA today. Don't get it.

@Nancy: What stopped you girlfriend?

Emmy Slusser said...

Okay, please save the reciept so I can return it if it's stupid. Thanks!

ldskatz57 said...

Okay, my sister is nuts. She wasn't using wi-fi, she was stalking. That's why she's not allowed back in Ohio, She has a warrant out for her arrest for just such a violation. Linda: We all know you can't read! Emily. shut up and take care of those babies you keep putting out. (Do you know who the father is yet?) Nancy, you don't go anywhere except the corner bar for happy hour to recycle the pink umbrellas in a draft Blatz beer. Okay, I'm the brother and I'm just kidding about all of this. But if I read anymore boring crap; you can bet I'm going to jump on it. Love you all. David.

ldskatz57 said...

I'm ready for my close-up now Mr. Demille.

Emmy Slusser said...

David - your posts really liven up mom's blog. . .keep it up! :)