Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here's a funny link...and gives one reason to pause.

Really! What the heck Kanye? The above artical by Daniel O'Brien is hysterical...some highlights follow:

He's "against higher education" and he is "anti-reading"-and yet he's published a book...Genius!

The "book" is 52 pages long and he needed HELP. That's right. He has a co-author for this tome. Kanye says wise things like "Get use to being used" O'Brien points out that it should be "get used", but if Kanye is anti-reading and anti-education, he wouldn't know that. Kanye also says "I hate the word hate". I'm not feeling the love....

Remember how Kanye got all that attention back during Hurricaine Katrina when he accused President Bush of not liking Black people? That was quite bold. There was certainly a lot of problems (putting it mildly) with how that situation was handled and Kanye stood out as a "voice of the people". But then he was interviewed about it. O'Brien reviews the explanation that Kanye gives for his outburst.

O'Brien wrote this, "He felt that the words showed the world that he had, in his words, “little baby Tourette’s, maybe not quite diagnosed” as evidenced by how “the truth just comes out accidentally like what’s off the top of [my] mind.”

O'Brien goes on to sum it up thusly...

So, here is the list of things we need to understand based on Kanye’s statements…

A) Kanye West genuinely thinks he suffers from an undiagnosed form of Tourette’s;
B) Kanye West thinks Tourette’s syndrome is when you accidentally speak the truth in the heat of the moment;
C) Kanye West believes that people will understand him better now that they’re aware of his undiagnosed, nonexistent condition.

…and our conclusions are, respectively, “No you don’t,” “No it isn’t” and “You’re an idiot.”

The article ends with O'Brien's appreciation of the hilarity of the phrase "little baby Tourettes", which he plans to name a drink after, with a Slim Jim as a garnish.

Kanye-repent...and then kindly disappear-hopefully into a structure of higher education and following your graduation, you spend your time and resources teaching good manners to young, impressionable children while teaching them how to read.

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