Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yesterday I was at the new house unpacking (today I'm back in the desert cleaning up loose ends, etc.). Em and the kids met me and we had lunch and visited the local (fabulous) grocery store and they showed me around the neighborhood. It was a good time...almost. On the way to the car, Mae picked up something and I noticed it was a razor blade. I told her immediately to drop it and Em and I scrambled to find our waterless sanitizers. Em made the requisite phone call to the office and then had to explain to Mae never to pick stuff up off the ground. Experience one at Moo's new neighborhood.

After we returned and I was sitting in the car with the kids in the parking lot while Em was getting some stuff out of the trunk, Mae and I watched as a little boy about Mae's age came doddering along the sidewalk, seemingly by himself and also seemingly unaware of his surroundings as he talked to himself and kind of half danced/half hopped along his way. Mae is always aware of her surroundings and is very mindful of everything going on around her because Mae is 5 going on 50. Mae asked, "Who does that little boy belong to?" I wondered also because in Mae's world, little children are always attached to a grown-up. I couldn't rightly answer until I saw someone who must have been his grown up bringing up the rear. I said, "Oh, here come his mommy!" A very tall lady, dressed head to toe in black....with green hair....with a very very large lizard perched on her shoulder...glided past us. Experience number 2 at what is now Grandma's hood.

Moo Moo's home Mae....Moo Moo is home.


Anonymous said...

'sup with yo new hood, ma?

The Katzbox said...

I KNOW, right? Yeesh.... Razor blades, lizards, green hair, I probably should have scoped out the area a bit more...on hind sight...when I left the house later on in the afternoon, lizard lady had caught a big green beetle-type of bug and tied a string to it and was flying it around in circles to the delight of her son...I'm calling that a redeeming quality...I guess... o0/

Emmy Slusser said...

hahah!!! What a crazy day! It's such a normal neighborhood. ..just two weird things in one day. All my girlfriends are excited to check out your pool. .. just say the word and I will have 20 kids jumping in! :)
And, I have to give a shout out to the crazy lizard lady. .. I don't know why, but it really warmed my heart that she entertained with live insects. I mean. . that's love there people.

Diane said...

ok...I would love to come out and see the green-haired insect-loving lizard mommy....but I think all that just came to a halt when I read the word POOL?????
You are one blessed moo. Fo sho.

The Katzbox said...

The pool is available my friend...it just gets a lot colder here than in the desert...relatively speaking....I'm a total wuss now...total!