Saturday, November 24, 2007

Was this your house? neither...

Yea...time marches forward...this wasn't my Thanksgiving but I'm still thankful for the multiple blessings in my life. I'm 51 and still have my Mom. Each of my children are well. I have four beautiful grandchildren. I'm sealed to a worthy Priesthood holder. I have a roof over my head and food to eat and clothes to wear and reliable transportaion and I even have two lovable canine companions that teach me unconditional love every single day.

As I've said before, the artist of this picture, Norman Rockwell, is my great great uncle (my biological brush with greatness) and I don't believe this was his Thanksgiving experience either...but hey, it's good to have a standard to shoot for...perhaps I need to purchase a cottony apron, maybe even billowy curtains...strangely, the fellow in the lower right corner who is the ONLY family member looking into the "camera" actually resembles my husband Peter, who is also from New England...*insert foreboding music here*

I'm back and readjusting to life in the poor lane...all is out


Diane said...

I've missed you. Hey...I remember stopping by the night before Thanksgiving or early Thanksgiving morning a few times. You cooked enough for the entire city of Worthington, I think! Fun times. The kids were always so excited. And...your food was always yummy. (yes...I always "kiped" some on my way insisted)
I need a crazy "debbie-dropping" kind of night. remember?

katzbox said...

hahahahahaha...I haven't heard the word "kiped" in about 30 years....that is so stinkin' funny...Oh, I miss you as well...I miss sitting in your family room...I miss your Rose of Sharon tree in your front yard in Dublin...I miss New Year' Eve and those crazy comedy shows on the TV...and that fondue!!!...puhleese!