Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fun Day At Emmy's!

Yesterday, I went to Em's house. In the morning I had an accupuncture appointment, which was heaven (we really worked the emotional meridian...I don't know what it is but it involves needles between my thumb and forefinger and my great toe). Following my appointment, I listened to my voicemail and there was Mae's sweet little voice telling me that she loved me and all of the things we could do together when I came over such as, "I love it when you play with me outside and I love it when you play with me in my room"....oh puleese...like I need to hear more...I got on the horn and called Em and said, "Ummmm, I just listened to my voice mail from Mae and I'm heading for Interstate 10 as we speak."

So, it was a grand day...and I'm totally spoiled after I leave there...I feel bad tho...it's like I get bribed when I show up there..."Mom's coming, quick, compile a list of items she'll love and can carry home with her so she'll be motivated to visit again because our love isn't enough!" And then the guilt hits...

This is the list of items I schlepped home from my daughters house:

1. wonderfully scented, brand new soy candle that burns for 20 years, scented like a pine forest that spontaneously sprouts fresh baked apple pies.

2. a huge bulk-type box of herb tea that contains my favorite African herb, rooibios (what?, you don't have a favorite African herb?) along with herbs from 15 other continents...it's sweet and spicy.

3. the fragrance of her favorite fragrance that Mae and I drenched ourselves in so I smelled like Emmy all the rest of the day, as did Mae until bath time.

4. a package of designer "I" water for my facial skin that will make me look decades younger and allow me to leap over tall buildings in a single bound while baking cookies for the homeless and compaigning for my favorite presidential candidate, as soon as I figger out who that is.

5. a huge warehouse size bag of dehydrated apple chips, which I personally LOVE and which I will not share...and for which I will have to stand accountable for at the judgement bar...this is why I'm hoping the cookies and homeless thing mentioned above will come in handy...it's a balance you know?

6. and a restaurant called the Tortilla Factory. I came home with a dozen tamales, homemade tortillas, pica de gallo to die for and real home-style Mexican refried beans...oh my...

When she emails pics, I'll post them. Clarkie was absolutely edible and I still have to resist the desire to refer to him as Chuckie. Why is that? Why is he Chuckie to me? Because he makes me chuckle? He's perfect...absolutely perfect...no weak points.

Mae...ah Mae...

And Em...missed her so much while I was in Ohio with her siblings...she is beautiful and funny and gracious and compassionate and bright and perfect.


The Slusser Family said...

Well! If you write blogs about me like that, I will send you home with that much stuff every time! It was so much to have you yesterday. I could have hugged you for twenty more years. Glad you like the candle. It took me 45 minutes to pick it out. I didn't get one for me, but just may consider ordering one, now. That pine is alluring! LOVE!

frizzlefry said...

Emily, how's her head? The burns? The agony? I hope she has healed well from the dog fiasco. Please keep us updated! I need first hand, eye witness accounts. :)