Thursday, November 1, 2007


Today in Ohio I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Eric and big Eli. Eric and I cleaned Mom's house rather thoroughly, which felt great. Then Eli came over and we all had lunch together here at Mom's house after I dropped Mom off at Sunrise to spend the afternoon with Pops. The boys and I discussed a project I came up with and laughed and enjoyed each other's company until Eli had to go to work.

Later I took Eric to work and zipped over to my brudder's house for grilled dogs and burgers. I met my daughter Jette and grand daughter Emma Jane there and we all had a blast together. I discussed my idea for a new book with him and his family and received good great feedback.

I then returned home exhausted, visited with Mom until she went to bed and was about to get on the 'puter when my sister walked in the door. We had a great convo then went next door to her house and watched THE OFFICE together. Now I'm back at Mom's, updating the blog and waiting until 11:00 PM when I pick Eric up at work and come back to fall into bed....ahhhh...what a great day. I have forgotten how full of family and friends C-bus is. I don't have this as a typical day in California... It's so odd to be back in a place where one has lived for almost 50 years...the connections are so great and deep and wide. The names are familiar, the faces are familiar, the street names are familiar. It's comforting as well as unsettling...but it's home and I'll take it. me out

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