Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Ahhhh, the sound of laughing kids and the smell of burning leaves...this is the Halloween I recall of my youth and now that I'm back in the town of my youth and my children's youth as well, my memory is flooded with images of hackneyed costumes, smeary faces and sugar rushes.

I think Halloween is one of the few holidays that retain a fun flair for adults...we get to "play" as well, as the kids. My sister and I were cooking up ideas for her grandchildren involving burying a flashlight in a cauldron of dry ice (my're welcome) to give the light a life of its own...step aside Spielberg...

And later I'm picking up a pizza and heading to my brother's house to climb in his sick bed with him and watch movies...hell hath no fury like a wickedly evily sister with a pizza and a plan...heh heh heh

And that is it for today from's a Buckeye out.


Diane said...

just knowing you are in Columbus gives me a smile. wish I was there with ya, ghoul-friend.

katzbox said...

Hahahhaa...oh, me too...the feel of popcorn in one's hand...the heft of a good bowling shoe...watching one's friend teach Relief Society with hives the size of Buicks all over her body...these are memories of Ohio with ya buddy.