Sunday, October 21, 2007

Listening to the hubby....the journey continues...

Peter doesn't like it when I post about him...I don't know why, he just doesn't have a real comfort level with it. So I've cut so much caffeine. Here's my one splurge and please pass the Mountain Dew while I'm at it...

Last week, we were sitting at Sacrament was a missionary farewell. I realized I had to go home to get my temple recommend paperwork for my stake interview, which I was scheduled for during the next hour. I had sat through most of the was at the point where several of the missionary's cousins, ages fetus through 3 weeks were playing violins and singing hymns before he spoke so I thought I'd slip out and drive home to pick up the missing paperwork and drive back in time for my meeting. Peter said, "The meeting is almost over, just stay and go home after the meeting ends".

I "default" to stubborn and repled mindlessly, "I can go now and get back before my interview with time to spare, why not leave now"?

Calmly, quietly, without sighing, he turned his Christian Bale eyes upon me and only said one word, "Please".

If Peter Leighton asked me to murder someone and then added that magic word "please" at the end of the request and used that face I would reply, "Certainly, I'll be in the library with the candlestick".

The point of the story, however, is this. Had I left the meeting early, when I had wanted to and NOT listened to Peter, I would have very likely been involved in a horrible accident at the intersection I have to travel through to get home. It was ugly. And though I was late for my interview, at least I MADE IT to my interview.

So, that's it about Peter for awhile...I'm back on the wagon again...for a bit...

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Stephanie Jette said...

The powers within is a mighty thing.

I am so grateful that you have Peter in your life. He is a wonderful man who cares a great deal about you.

Thank you Peter for looking out for my mother the way you do.

I love you, both.