Saturday, October 13, 2007


So, I went to pick up my glasses today at the mall. They look amazingly similar to these pictured...only charcoal. They are, in fact, almost exactly like my dad's glasses that he wore my entire life. Interesting, given my previous post.

Anyway, this sweet little wizened French man fitted me for the glasses. He was an optometrist...not the one who did my exam, but another one. He didn't have to fit me but he did. He put his little cold hands on each side of my head (they felt wonderful) and placed my glasses on my eyes. The first thing I looked at was his little sweet face. It was totally need for "getting used to" my lenses or anything, just POP, he was there, beautiful and clear...he smiled.

Then he said in his cute little accent, "Let's do the reading test, shall we?" He asked me to read the smallest line that I could. I did. I automatically looked at the middle of the page as this is the most "bottom" I usually get to, but realized I could go further down...I dropped further, still clear...further, still clear...ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM. Never in my eyes' little life have we ever done that!!! And then, I looked at the vision that matches the clarity of the paragraph (or ability) next to that level and it was 20/20!!!!! I said, "It's 20/20!!! He just smiled. I looked up at him speechless. When I found my voice, I whispered, "I've never seen 20/20 before, ever."

He stood up, pulled my chair out, held his arm out like he was asking me to dance, and said, "Come, walk with me" and we walked around the store and out into the mall. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was wonderful. By the time I got back I was wiping tears off my cheeks. He sat me down and gave me lots of nice things to clean my glasses with and polish them and a very nice hard case for them. And then he said, "Well, that is it. Are you sure you are ready to leave?" I assured him I was. I held his hands for a long time. He told he was from Varilux, France, the city that designed my lenses. He was very proud of the work they did. I think it was just as emotional for him as it was for me. 20/20!!!!!!!

I finally left and guess where I walked to?...STRAIGHT TO BARNES AND and my perfect eyes..and I read my way from the front to the back.....and every thing was loverly.


The Slusser Family said...

I just LOVE that man! How fun! I am ready to have my vision again. . .now to humble myself and go get my new perscription. Ugh. Althought, it will be so fun to see clearly. . .you get used to that filmy vision. . it's so fun to have it crystal clear again.

katzbox said...

YES!!! check it out. Maybe I can go with you to the place and stay with the at the mall?...if not, I'll just stay home with the kids while you go. I could totally call you and tell you this but no....I'm posting it....yeesh.

Stephanie Jette said...

Isn't haveing eyes amazing. You cheerish them when you least expect it. I really wish I had perfect eyes, but alass I don't. Oh well, at least I can look hot in my specs. I'm so happy for you. It's amazing to see. Go read something and enjoy every minute of it.