Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I had a standard doctor's appointment. I was just going to run down to the desert, drop into my neurologist's office for a quick visit, and then run back to my house. The trip down to the desert takes about an hour and a half over the mountain and is quite scenic. I enjoy the trip immensely. Once I get to the desert, it's always very warm and I forget (even after living there for several years) that it's consistently the same temperature for most of the year and it's difficult to remember the seasons.

Okay, back to the doctor's appointment. As I was going back to the exam room, I asked the secretary, "How's your summer going?" It's February. Middle of winter. Even here. She replied, "I don't remember. Summer was quite a while ago." Dutifully shamed, I hung my head and walked to the room.

She must have said something to the doctor....heck, now maybe I did, I can't remember...but he started asking me weird questions. He pointed to the "thing" on his wrist and asked what it was. I said, "Your watch?". He said, "Good". (Seriously?) He then said, "I noticed that you were reading when I came in. That's very good." He didn't say the book was good (it was an e-reader, so he couldn't see the book)....he just said that the ACT of reading was good.... (okkkaaayyyyyy)

He then said, "I'm going out of the room for a moment, when I come back please be sitting in that chair over there". I failed that one because we've never done that so I thought perhaps I misheard him. He walked in with a folder and some papers in it and looked at me strangely. He repeated it and I jumped to the other chair. Now I'm thinking I failed a little test. Then he pulled up a chair and sat across from me. He said, "I'm going to name three things and I want you to remember them because I"m...." OKAY! ... I said, "I know what's going on here. I know what this is. This is a remembery thingy". No...I didn't say that. But we discussed the test and we realized that my memory, though spotty, is fine. He said that as my stress level lessens, my memory should improve. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....good one. But he did give me the rest of the "memory" test *cough* and will track it.

Here's the deal. At this point in time, I'm "the absent-minded professor" type of person. That pretty much sums it up. If I remember something, it pushes something else out. It could be the lunch date I made with some one or a grandchild's name. I have two grandsons that begin their names with the letter "C". One is Charlie and one is Clarkie. When my time with them kinda sorta overlaps, they both become Charkie. I'm economical like that. Occasionally, my husband and I will still refer to one of the dogs by our son's name. I'm not taking the fall for that.

I told my 91-year-old mother about what happened today at the doctor's office. She laughed so hard she almost peed herself. After we discussed it, I told her I'd call her again tomorrow. Her parting words, "Sure....if you can remember who I am."



Daisy said...

You are in good company!!! I have 2 part time jobs. (I am hoping the one will eventually turn into a full time or at least almost full time job. It is more money and no nights or weekends.) This morning I forgot I was supposed to be at my bookstore job and showed up at the dentist office job. I was so flustered when my boss from the bookstore called and asked where I was. Oh boy!!! I scare myself.

The Katzbox said...

Well...we lead full lives, we can be expected to mess up now and then. I just like to think of it as batteries that are OVER-CHARGED.


Emmy said...

Hi, my name is Emily. You gave birth to me (almost) in a car. Do you remember that? I don't.
Oh, and you owe me that $200. . . that I lent to you. . . when you were reallllly stressed.

The Katzbox said...

Oh my word, Em. That was so funny...but when I got to the $200.00 part, I got really stressed....and I quit laughing....Good one...really....GOOD ONE!!!!!

You no funny Dr. Jones....*small Asian boy*

Emmy said...

bwahahh!! You know what? I KNEW you would do that and I giggled while I typed it. It's so fun to play with your head. . .and soooo easy.

Eli Bowman said...

Mom, you owe me about $15,000.

...and nice "What About Bob" reference.

The Katzbox said...

Good lord, girl. Will it ever stop? It's not "What about Bob". Your evil genius is deeper than I ever imagined. I'm so proud AND disturbed. There's no hallmark card for that. Design one, smartie!