Friday, December 31, 2010


This is the last day of 2010. (You're welcome.) I don't think I've ever arrived at the end of a year and said, "Meh. No big deal". Don't we all get to the end of a year and think, "Whew! Watta year!!!" We SHOULD think that. It's been a year of growth. Time has passed, and that translates to LIFE EXPERIENCE. Am I right or am I right? Who is SHOCKED at the end of the year? Seriously? Stuff happens. People are born. People die. People get betrayed. People get married. Peoples' marriages end. I'm sounding like an Old Testament passage. It doesn't mean we don't grieve or get angry. It doesn't mean we skip merrily along and not process what has happened to us. We're allowed to be angry or cry. We're also allowed to rejoice friendships that are made stronger...we're allowed to rejoice US when we are made stronger. We allowed to recognize that reality is exactly THAT...reality. We breathe through the horrible stuff. We can't change jerks. We can only breathe through their jerkiness and commit to never being a jerk, ourselves. (This is difficult for me...often, even.) We can't bring back a dearly departed. I sat in a funeral yesterday. A friend from high school lost her sweet mother on Christmas day. This same friend lost her brother in October. Rough year. She's breathing. She's putting one foot in front of the other. And she's recognized the love in her life.

I had another friend whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I'll never forget her reaction to the news. Many people would say, "Why me? Why? Why?". Her response? "Why not me? The statistics are what they are. Someone's going to get it, why shouldn't I be the one?" The cancer was in her right breast. She went to bed in the hospital that night knowing that in the morning, the surgeon was going to remove her right breast. She composed a poem about it...something else I'll never forget. It was this:

My right is my right. It has always been my right.
My left is my left, and tomorrow? It will be left.

Tomorrow? 2010 will be left.

God love you all. Tomorrow we move on.


Blasé said...

What I've learned in 2010 which concerns Deborah-

1. She is of the Mormon religion/faith

2. She has changed her blog over to 'comment moderation' because she is afraid Blasé will say something that one of her friends will misinterpret as being "combative", because Deborah still has not learned Blasé yet...

3. Because of #2...She has not explained to "Nancy" that Blasé was playing/teasing/flirting with her by his comments. I know how to 'set the bait' and catch the fish. I caught Nancy's attention, but I failed to reel her in.
My bad.

4. Deborah is some kind of pretty, and I can handle that. But...when she smiles, I melt like butter in a microwave.

5. She is one smart woman like Blasé (well, not "like"..but you get my drift).

6. She has forgotten that 'Pay-back' and 'You Say, I Say' are synonymous. This of course pertaining to her last comment on my blog.

7.If she lives long enough, she will be blowing straw-wrapping off at people in restaurants.

8. That she prefers Apples over Oranges???

9. She misbehaves in church (I will assume a Mormon church of some sort).

10. That her mission in life is to make sure everybody is determined to "Be Well"

I love you

nancy said...

so well said, debbie. thank you. (and, oh! happy new year.) :)

Emmy Slusser said...
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Emmy Slusser said...
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Dutch donut girl said...

You are right.

Beautifully written post.

Thank you.


The Katzbox said...

I feel the need to explain that just a couple of minutes ago I discovered the button that let me see the comments to my own blog. I couldn't understand why no one was commenting! I thought everyone had left me.

Weird. is everyone's comments...and I appreciate them very very much.

And yes, I try so hard to NOT misbehave in church but if a toddler is in the pew in front of me, there are NO guarantees. This is why my daughter only sometimes invites me to church with her family...toddlers galore....

love to all...and thank you for your kind words and inspiration.


Emmy Slusser said...
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