Friday, December 3, 2010


There is a general authority of our Church that is known for his profound wisdom and insight. His name is Neal A. Maxwell. Here is one of the quotes that I received today via my twitter account:

"Extending our mercy to someone need not wait upon our full understanding of their challenges"

I think it may accurately reflect the zeitgeist of this month. It's a month of compassion and thinking of others...we're supposed to do that all of the time, but this month we're more mindful and focused on it....well, I can't speak for everyone, just for me...

So, I'm going to meditate on that little nugget for awhile.

And this: "nugget" is a funny word and I love it when it's used to describe babies' heads.

"What a cute nugget on that kid!"


Blasé said...

You just had to go post pictures of babies, didn't you!

Give those babies a squeeze from Blasé!

Daisy said...

Cute kids.

Emmy Slusser said...

OOO. . love it!! Dean looks like President Hinckley in that picture! hahah!! I am telling you. . . he got the Katz nose. He DID!! I love it!

The Katzbox said...

bwahahahahah....that's adorable. I love it!!!! Let's hope it doesn't arrive with the deviated septum. :)

And no wonder he's so handsome.