Friday, December 17, 2010


Okay, okay. I failed. I couldn't keep up with the national blogging month zeitgeist thingy.


Apparently I couldn't commit. This isn't surprising. I can't commit to choosing out paint colors for walls, so...

I'm stunned I've committed to owning my dogs...and that they're still alive.

I'm preparing for my drive across the country. I thought I was leaving on Monday, but I've hit a hitch in my giddy up. It may be postponed now. Did I mention I'm not overly good at rolling with the punches, but I guess God thinks I need to learn that lesson so....*me rolling*

Speaking of rolling with the punches, I read today about a woman who lost her job. She decided, then and there, to simply do what she loved...and she loved to dance. Now, this wasn't a trained, athletic dancer. She wasn't a trained lithe dancer. She was an overweight, middle-aged woman who lived in the inner city. But she did her passion. Every day, she went to a particular corner in St. Louis, put on her ear phones, and danced her heart out, gleefully. At first, people were wary of her, but soon, they came to expect her. They recognized the joy on her face and how it radiated in her countenance. It was contagious. Not long thereafter, one of the local businesses hired her to dress up in a statue of liberty costume to dance and now....SHE'S GETTING PAID TO DO WHAT SHE LOVES AND WHAT SHE WAS PREVIOUSLY DOING FOR FREE.

Man...I love stories like that.

We have to find our passion....

Much love to all who read this.

Heck, much love to all who don't.



Blasé said...

My "passion" is to take care of my health so I can stay alive as long as possible, so that I can be able to spend time with those I really care about.....[ahem]

I need sunshine in my life, and you are one of the few that do that for me.

The Katzbox said...

That's nice! We're blessed to be married to good people that motivate us to care for ourselves.

And thanks for the nice words. You're very kind.

Dutch donut girl said...

I'm passionate about making people smile. I get joy when someone smiles because of me.
BUT I don't want to become a comedian :)

Much love to you too.
And take care of your sweet dogs.

Not So Simply Single said...

Hey Katzbox....

I think that passion for life is EVERYTHING! I happen to love my work, but I hate the corporate part of it. (I am an esthetician) So I have the balance of the love/hate thing going on...but I live with it because the passion for taking care of women's skin moves me in a huge way.

I LOVE the story of the woman dancing. Rock on to her!

Have missed your intelligence and witty comments on Blase' blog...Although I am new on it, you are one of the few that have interesting things to say...Plus, You can give it to Blase' HARD and it is much appreciated.

Have a safe and wonderful journey...

Dutch donut girl said...


I just read the comment you left on Blasé's blog. Thanks for the visual.

I'm really glad you are commenting and blogging again. You are a real hoot!

Now please do me a favor and leave more smart/funny/thought-provoking comments on his blog. I kinda missed them.

Pretty please?

Peace, love and laughter.

Sandra said...

That does it, I'm off to dance on the street corner too...well, not just yet, maybe I'll wait till spring...I guess my passion requires a little bit of sunshine and heat.

The Katzbox said...

@Dutch, NSSS, & Sandra: You ladies rock! I'm so happy you visit my blog. Thanks for your kind words...and for your passion!

Dutch donut girl said...

You are very welcome!

And as for not being able to keep up with blogging : blog when you want to blog. No pressure here… none whatsoever.
Just know that any post you have would be gratefully read.

Have a nice weekend!

Take care and keep safe.

Daisy said...

Much love to you too, dear friend.

I have really missed your posts. I was starting to be woried about you.

Is anyone driving across country with you?

The Katzbox said...

Hi Daisy, Nope. Going to just chill out and enjoy some alone time. I've got my route mapped out, my stops, and the whole shebang. No problem.

You're a doll for worrying.

Hugs, me

Emmy Slusser said...

Mom, I love this post. First, though, I must say this. . . those dogs are simply DIVAS at your house. No woman on the plants cares for her dogs like you, and they know it! I wish I were your bitch. NO wait. .that came out wrong. Dang. :)

Love you! Can't wait for you to come home!!!!

The Katzbox said...

Oh my word, you're killing me......
oh I miss you!!!!!!!1