Saturday, April 17, 2010


I bought a new book. Yes...shocking, I know.

In case you didn't know, I am a royalty wonk. I love the genealogy of the Royal Houses of Europe-specifically Great Britain, but I'm getting more and more enamored of Spain and France.

Anyway, my new book "The Tudors: The complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty" by G.J. Meyer. Now, I looked at this and thought, "what more could they possibly have found out about this most researched of lineages?" Apparently, plenty.

Kirkus Reviews called it "...flashy..." with "...fresh irreverence..." Woo hoo!!! Irreverence!!!! The Washington Times described it as "thundering" and "magnificent". Yowsa.

One day I hope to be a fun person to hang around with and stop reading history books for fun and pleasure. Until then, this book will do nicely.

I also bought a magazine called, "EnglightenNext" It calls itself, "The magazine for evolutionaries". Okay...

It has some cool articles, such as "Quantum Dreams & other strange things: and "Have scientist finally solved the mystery of consciousness?"

Well, if they have, hopefully they'll come up with solutions on how to keep my guests awake when they ask me what I'm reading....

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Abby said...

Keep reading. It is the thing that DOES make you so interesting and fun to hang out with!