Sunday, April 25, 2010


So...Project Runway is all over. Seth Aaron won. I'm happy that he did. He has a wife and a couple of kids and they seemed pretty united in his journey. That's a nice thing to witness. I loved it that he could design for children, as well as adult women.

Emilio Sosa's collection was fabulous as well. I loved his use of color-it rocked. But that ego of his...yeesh. And, the worse, most offensive behavior of all-he was rude to Tim Gunn. For could ANYONE be rude to Tim Gunn?

Mila's collection was all black and white and retro. Same thing the entire season. Sure, she "roughed up" the hair and make-up to make it look grittier, but there were no surprises.

I'm not a judge, by any stretch. You're reading the blog of a woman who staples her hems. I just love a fabulous creative challenge. I love the process they go through, how they "suffer" for their craft, how they deal with each other, the whole schmear.

On another entirely unrelated note, the hubs and I took another one of his "road trips" today. We drove out on the country roads and went through Pala (where all the pretty nurseries are) and drove through Anza-Borrego, then up the mountain to Julian, then back through the hills to home. It was beautiful and green and hilly and wild-flowery. But it lasted sooooooo long. This guy drives all day-how he gets relaxed by driving more on his day off is beyond me. One of the benefits, however, of being in the car together for four hours, is that he gets me to talk. I don't talk that much when we're together. Yes. I know that sounds odd, but I just don't. I don't like to sound blabby-and I have real blabby potential.

Anyway, for some reason, the notion of aesthetics came up and I confided that the female form is far more pleasing than the male form. I explained that the female brain is kind of "wired" to find beauty in curves. Think of babies cheeks and their curves. Think of the attraction of the VW Bug. And then I confided that I never really found the male form particularly attractive. Not that I found the female form attractive, I'm just not a physical kind of person. I guess I like wit and intellect-and more wit. We agreed that many women are probably more like me than would care to admit...of COURSE we would think that!!!

And then we solved all of the world's problems.

You're welcome.



Chantelle said...

I know what you mean about the curvy thing! Jersey and Georgia were so lucky to get Warren's cute bubble butt and I love to pinch all of their cheeks constantly-lol! When are you guys coming out here?

Rachel said...

I'm just going to be blunt and say that people who are rude to Tim Gunn deserve to lose. No matter how talented they are. Mila's collection was Dullsville. Seth Aaron was the clear winner. And he got Tim on the trampoline. I nearly died laughing.

I completely agree about the female v. male form. And I agree that most women are with us. Think of all the women who want bigger boobs and a perkier booty.

The Katzbox said...

@Chantelle: Our tentative plans are in August. Fingers are crossed...and sometimes our eyes are too, but that's a different story :)

@Rachel: That trampoline thing? I thought that was priceless!!! Seth Aaron was teachable, talented, and far more versatile. WOOT!

Kelly said...

I linked to you from Rachel Says So. I couldn't agree more about Emilio. He was WAY too into himself. How'd you like how he got all wounded at the dinner when they played that game about who they would predict the winner would be and no one mentioned him. He also dissed Tim and that is crazy! Then he would go ahead and take Tim's advise and call it his own idea. He did that over and over. Seth Aaron was nice to everyone and so talented. He deserved to win!