Saturday, May 16, 2009


This is part of a conversation that my son, Eric, and I had over instant messenging. It’s weird. I’m just warning you. It’s very weird. And random. Very random. Weird and random are the hallmarks of texts and IMs when you conversate with my sons. You must be prepared. And steel yourself for whatever may come...whatever....

We pick up on this conversation when Eric asks me how long I might expect to be off work, given the condition of my right knee...and then it devolves from that point....I warned you.....

DEBORAH: if I get my knee done, I'll could be out for about another year-according to my doctor

ERIC: oh no way!

DEBORAH: I know, right?-stoopid

ERIC: I saw his face and died once

DEBORAH: I'm on my fifth death

ERIC: i look good all black haired

DEBORAH: yea, you do

ERIC: big black beard

DEBORAH: arrrrgghhh *pirate voice*

ERIC: i trimmed the goatee a LOT

DEBORAH: oh, that's good

ERIC: yeah, it was PISSING ME OFF-being all THICK-I wanted to shave it off so bad

DEBORAH: it told me it was going to get really thick while you were sleeping

ERIC: grab the falling hair and pinch it

DEBORAH: pinch it hard

ERIC: take THAT!

DEBORAH: pinch it till it bleeds-then smack it for crying-no one likes crying hair

ERIC: If hair bled the barber shop would be a much different place


ERIC: it'd be a slaughterhouse

DEBORAH: of weeping hairs

ERIC: instantly swept into a bonfire--haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha

DEBORAH: without mercy because they were bad ingrown hairs

ERIC: I'm going to drink to that

DEBORAH: I'm planning my nightmare now

ERIC: I wish I could plan my dreams-i'd spend an hour a day doing that

DEBORAH: that sounds productive....

ERIC: or at night in the shower

DEBORAH: Dude-that IS productive-Actually, you can ask your mind to give you the dreams you desire for the evening while you're relaxing, ask for the dreams you wish, OR dreams with answers to your concerns. Crap. I have to go clean the house before P gets home

ERIC: hokay. love us.

DEBORAH: love us back


Emmy Slusser said...

I am SO glad you are back online, because I don't know how I survived my days without your randomness and the joy and laughter you share on your blog. When we print your blog, I am SO having my own copy. . .. maybe for each of my children, too? Ya. . that sounds good.
Now, I am going to go trim Jacob's hair and feel guilty the whole time. (insert tiny little screams.)

The Katzbox said...

That is such a nice thing to read...well, not the tiny little screaming hair part, but the other part, yea...that was really thoughtful...I love you....

Anonymous said...

basically, i have no freakin' idea what the hell you guys are talkin' about!

but i mean that in a GOOD way!

Stephanie Jette said...

Don't fret Ennbee...I have no idea what they are saying either....and I'm her daughter. Weird huh?!

Holly and Eric said...

I didn't get to pinch the goatee hair, but I made sure it ended up in Hair Hades, mingling with the evil hair of other people, like Sonny Bono's mustache, and, actually, Em's mustache. That is so evil, it has it's own section in Hair Hades. I believe it's called, "The Depilatory Room", aka, "The Mr. Miagi Suite." (wax on, wax off)

Btw, I saw your face in your picture with your comment, and I died.

PS:Just kiddin', Em.

Emmy Slusser said...

ha. ..holly! you are so funny. . .and the master of randomness! tell eric he's a big mustache.

The Katzbox said...

This is me...standing out of the way...letting the randomness bounce off the walls and ricochet as it will....