Thursday, April 23, 2009


Dan and Teresa McIntyre have solved a wonderful mystery for me...and they were gracious and kind while doing so. Let me back up for a bit and explain something first. I receive many international hits on this blog and typically, it's because of the first two items in the title of this post. The demotivational posters are a huge draw...HUGE! One of the demotivational posters involves a picture of an eagle and a cat. Here it is...

Dan and Teresa McIntyre identified themselves as the owners of the photograph that is used in the poster. They said that they routinely (and wisely, I might add) do a search to see where their material is. In fact they said,

We don't mind the photo being used for viewing purposes only but do not appreciate the many copies out there where folks are making money off our images w/o our permission.
Would like to spend more time enjoying your blog but have to get busy now :) Wondered if you would mind posting a link to our store next to the image?
Enjoyed the video of don't honk at old people!!"

Here is the link to their great site!!

I'm more than happy to do this for my new and talented friends, Dan and Teresa. I went there and the site is beautiful...please check it out! Cute side note: they reassure all visitors that they still have their kitty cat!


Emmy Slusser said...

Mom, you are so blogger PC. . .that's awesome!

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