Saturday, November 22, 2008

Before I leave.....

I'm boarding in five minutes. I have to say this fast.

When I was speaking to what I was grateful for in my last blog, I was speaking in the metaphorical "we" I'm Queen Victoria or something. I was speaking for my children and I. I don't know if my children realize that I do this or not. That's why they weren't specifically mentioned. I realized this, rather starkly, when I awoke this morning. It shattered me! How could they possibly know this? I'm so sorry my sweet, dear ones. So very very sorry.

Of course I am thankful for you. Of course. You are my light and my life. You carry me forward every single have for 32 years. I'm crying as I sit here in this busy terminal. Shamelessly, I might add. I carry you with me always.

Your faces, your laughter, your tears, your experiences, your carries me. It lifts me. It burdens me. It puts lines on my face and laughter in my heart and light in my eyes.

My children...Jette, Emmy, Bubby, everything.....

I love you.