Saturday, January 1, 2011


Ages 10-30, they're called "freckles"

Ages 31-50, they're called "age spots"

Ages 50-plus, they're back to being called "freckles" again.



Thank you.


Daisy said...

Gotta LOVE the freckles! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Blasé said...

I have those same freckles in the same place you have yours. They don't show up as much as they used to when I was a youngster, though.

Dutch donut girl said...

Nice freckles!


jojo said...

freckles, I like that, hey your comment section is back Yay!

The Katzbox said...

Glad everyone likes freckles. I was saying that I JUST NOW found the button that enables ME to see the comments. Man! I've got to figure out this whole blogging thing...seeing as how I've been doing it since 2007.

The thing with women is that we get to wear "foundation" which covers up our "freckles" (if we choose to).

Good luck with that Blase. I use Cover Girl. HAHAHAHAAHHAAHAH

Marla said...

I love freckles. Even mine.

Diane said...

I have always had freckles :) Now, at age 54, I'm getting some new (much larger) "freckles"...and so is Kelly. Matching freckles. A match made in heaven.