Friday, January 7, 2011


One my 2nd day of traveling. This is what I've come to realize. States are pretty competitive for bragging rights. Oklahoma was the first state to install a parking meter. Also, it is the home of the largest antique collection in the world. I'm going to submit my dental work. Oklahoma is proud of its famous citizens: Garth Brooks, Will Rogers & Brad Pitt and astronaut Thomas P. Stafford. I don't know how a state can take credit for the random coupling of genetic pooling, but this one did. I think they all do. Also, Oklahoma was the setting for the movie "Twister". When I crossed the border into Texas, and I am NOT making this up, there was an electric sign saying this: KEEP YOUR BUTTS...*wait for second part of sign* IN YOUR CARS. I felt warm and welcomed. I'm in Amarillo now. My butt speedily went from my car to my room. Will map out tomorrow's journey now. I know it will be through New Mexico and most of Arizona. Love to all.


Marla said...

You were in Oklahoma? Well dagnabit! I would have happily shown you some of our other bragging rights like the Cowboy Hall of Fame and Bricktown.

Daisy said...

Where is your destination? I hope you have a safe and uneventful journey.

The Katzbox said...

Marla, dagnabbit indeed!!!! :)

Daisy, final destination is southern california. If a random bird fall or something doesn't get in the way.