Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My friend was talking about the dentist on her post the other day. It set me to thinking about the times I've been to the dentist. I just can't stand it...I get sweaty and anxious-not unusual, a lot of people respond like that to dental appointments. Things are better than they used to be.

But what irritates me is this, "Do you floss"? What? Are you serious? Who doesn't floss? I floss everyday. Sometimes I floss several times a day. The situation is, I don't produce a lot of plaque. This is a good thing. It's good for my heart and it's good for my teeth and gums. I just don't make plaque. Or at least, I haven't yet...maybe aging changes that. So far, so good.

I remember as a youngster, they used to give us those red tablets to chew in school. The tablets would leave a stain where plaque build-up would be. We would all be standing in line for the teachers to look into our open and smiling mouths to check our teeth. Inevitably, the teacher checking mine would call another teacher over and I would get this questions, "Deborah, did you eat the red tablet like you were supposed to"? Even after answering yes (I was very obedient, they already knew that, they were moronic back then) they would make me chew ANOTHER one while they watched, rinse my mouth out, while they watched, but then I got the satisfaction of watching their faces as they studied my teeth and say, "Hmphf. Looks like they're clean" or "Well, she looks fine, send her back to class"...or words to that effect.

So, anyway, next time a dentist or her/her assistant asks me if I floss, I'm going to respond thusly, "Well, I know the answer to that question, so why don't you tell me what your training and experience are telling you"? Cause I'm just that much of a rebel....and I'm paying for that visit....and I don't have to chew those red tablets anymore...



Anonymous said...

LOL! this is such a great post, deb! i LOVE the image of teachers (i like to imagine that they're mean and crabby) gaping into your oh-so-clean mouth and being TOTALLY PISSED OFF about it! :)

too freakin' funny.

btw - red tablets? really? i don't remember that. did you go to some commie school or somethin? :)

The Katzbox said...

I'm telling you, Nancy, they were odd. Even looking back from my "adult" perspective, they were all old and Victorian and kind of mean. My 3rd grade teacher was young and kind of a shrinking violet and totally out of place in that hideous place. She stands alone, the rest were all very old white women who were, in hindsight, just plain old mean...