Saturday, June 27, 2009


Peter and I looked at apartments today. I don't really think I've looked at apartments since the 1970s. Yea....I know....

Did you know that you have to turn over your photo ID to even look at the model apartment? Did you know that? Is that standard operating procedures everywhere or just here?

And then there was the long ride from the desert into the "big city" that Peter and I had to take together....did I mention that we never see each other, thus forcing us to "make nice", as well as make conversation?...yea....

The "fun" part of the ride was driving along the Ramona Expressway where Peter got a speeding ticket last week (which he is contesting) and me (at his request, because let's face it, I wouldn't do this of my own volition for love nor money) video taping (working title "Entire Stretch of the Ramona Expressway") the ENTIRE STRETCH OF THE EXPRESSWAY to PROVE ONCE AND FOR ALL that there are NO POSTED SPEED LIMIT SIGNS....that's right....Deb Spielberg, at your service.....that was a joyful armed and taping with Peter shouting out commentary; mileage; cross streets; names of diary farms (?); and other seemingly pertinent information for the sake of....who?....who is going to watch the entire ten minutes of this riveting piece of work? I should post it for those of you with difficulties sleeping because it would do the trick...oh would do the trick....

So after the "Expressway To Nowhere", we were alternately talking and not talking. We don't listen to the radio because Peter doesn't like music. He likes "people". Okay. So now I sneakily put ONE of my IPod ear buds in my right ear and stealthily slide the music button on....yea....I'm a she-devil....and carelessly tap my feet and hum snatches of tunes...I would have gotten away with it if I hadn't spoken/croaked "my life would suck without you".....Dang you Kelly Clarkson!!!!....because as soon as I sang/croaked it....(MINDLESSLY mind you), Peter asks, "Really? Why is that?" and I had to scramble to figure out what he was talking about and then come up with a good enough to answer, which wasn't...good enough....and he knew...but he forgave me because he knows that at least my IPod was only in one ear and I was attempting to talk....cranky loner that I now am......


me: I changed up the way I dried off after my shower today.
him: Really?
me: Yea. I thought I'd just be different and change it up...break up the routine.
him: How'd that work for ya?
me: I missed some spots.

me: I think the little dog may be stupid.
him: Why do you say that?
me: Cause sometimes I don't like him.
him: Deb. That doesn't make him stupid.
me: Whatever.

Yea. It's that sparklingly, charming dialogue that keeps us bubbly and zesty....kinda like a good salad dressing or carbonated beverage. Dontcha think?


Anonymous said...

kinda like my conversations.

me: so, whaddya think? should we?
him: hmph?
me: is that a yes?
him: who?
me: who what?
him: how much does it cost?
me: what?
him: hmph.


Blasé said...

1970s were a great time to be looking for Apartments. Peace

Stephanie Jette said...

That was so funny. It really put a smile on my face. I can't wait to hear and or see this new apartment. It sounds lovely.

Love and Hugs

Mommy Tips said...

laughing so hard about this one! Love it! Eli is laughing too. :)