Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Okay...the top pic is of the graveyard. It was actually taken last. I don't know what possessed Abby or Eli to randomly take that picture (pun unintended...get it..."possessed"..hahaha), but an orb showed up in the right third of the photo about mid way. Did it follow us or was it already there? It looks like a tether ball. The three orbs in the lower photo are easier to see, especially the two larger ones. When I blow these orbs up on my computer screen, they're very interesting. They don't appear to be light artifact (ruled out), nor do they appear to be dust reflections/specks/motes (ruled out as well). What they all have in common (intesting that they are indoor and out door orbs..thanks orbs) is that on closer inspection they have a rim of almost "electrical" appearing activity surrounding them, an aura for lack of a better word. Also, within them, they have a stringy appearance within a misty or cloudy substance. They look like human cells actually. You are more than welcomed to download them onto your own 'puters and blow them up for inspection. I would be interested in your take.
None of us involved ever felt "creeped out" or frightened or actually had any negative thoughts, except for the whole breaking and entering and I actually would have gone further if not for the level head of my kid-in-law... who is now my kid-out-law.
Another interesting side note is the apparent increase in my own personal extrasensory perceptions since our trip...but that's another post.
Anyway, enjoy.


Stephanie Jette said...

TOTALLY COOL!!! I loved it. I have never seen anything like it. Did you see all the little specks throughout the hallway??? Man, they must have liked ya'll. Abby and Eli "randomly" took the picture at the graveyard....huh I told you many a times I do not believe in coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe you should do some research on that spot. The orb seemed to like it there?! Just a thought.

TT said...

Abby is an outlaw, Abby is an outlaw! Ha...ha...ha...ha...ha...ha!