Saturday, June 18, 2011


Well, this week, the Momma ended up going to the hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy. We're hopeful that she remains there for at least 9 weeks. At that point, all three babies have a very very good shot at a promising beginning at life. Starting this coming week (week 6), I will be taking the twins to the hospital to see their mommy twice a week. I have some insecurities about taking the kids out. And by "out", I mean off of their property. And by "off of their property" I mean out of their backyard. Here's my deal: At the end of day (my "watch"), those kids are supposed to be accounted for, fed, clean, and preferably laughing. schlep two wiggle worms off the reservation and across town, well...I'm willing because everyone is outta their comfort zones right now. If Momma can grow 6 lungs, 3 hearts, and 60 fingers and toes while lying in her bed, well then, I guess that I can take two whole, complete persons, short and rowdy though they may be, to visit with their co-creator.

Highlights of this week:

*When I felt I was being too strict and a "meany of a grandma", I got more loves and hugs from the boy. Way to go Mister..

*Though I never doubted it, the Momma was right, it's not the extra work, it's the combined brain power that is most challenging.

*I had forgotten the sheer decibels involved in raising children.

*I had also forgotten the sheer delight of driving the freeways home at dusk in the humidity, through the downtown where I grew up...and IT grew up...and I feel a connection to the skyline and the buildings and the streetlights.

*I never, ever, ever, get tired of the babies' smiles. Their specific dimples, the way their eyes crinkle when they smile, and those laughs. Puhleese.

Onto week six.


nancy said...

you're doing God's work, deb. and i thank you for it. we ALL thank you for it.

now......go have a beer.


Abby said...

Debbie, you are doing such a wonderful job with our kids. They just love you so much. When they visited yesterday, Livy kept calling me ", Mama." Some mother's might be bothered by this, but it makes me happy. They are comfortable with you and are loving the time they spend with you. You are a special person in their lives and ours. thank you. :)

nancy said...

you know.....i'll be honest here.....the kids called me "moo-moo" a couple of times yesterday and the first time they did it, i had a sinking feeling. and then i very quickly realized the blessing that it was, and i told God thanks. (i also told Him it wouldn't hurt any if He makes the kids call moo-moo "grammy." just every once in awhile.) :)

The Katzbox said...

HAHAHAHAHA...Oh, how I love you two!!! That's funny, I've said that a few times during the day to the twinkies, "Oh! I love you two!"

Thank you for your votes of confidence. I'm filling big shoes...if you count the tiny little feet of the mommy and the grammy "big shoes".

love you both.


Emmy said...

You have a gift with your grandkids, Moo. It's so fun to watch you play with them. I am always amazed and IN LOVE with the fact that our children are so comfortable around you and feel so safe, never judged. Love you so much!
Mae cried tonight when she got off the phone with you. She said, as tears flowed from her eyes, "Moo moo just had the nicest things to say to me. I miss her. She's just so wonderful." It totally made me cry. I miss you, too, but you are perfectly placed right now. What a service you are providing. . .but, I imagine to you it doesn't seem like a service. .. more a gift.

The Katzbox said...

I wish I knew how to make crying sounds on here!!!! OH MY WORD!!!!! Oh that MaeMae!

I need to scoop up all the grandbabies and put them in my pockets. How do I do that? HOW?

Tonight Livvy wouldn't let go of my neck after we played a silly game we made up called "little sheep in the field". I told her she was my little sheep and she really responded to that. You know how I feel about sheep and baby lambs and NOW I'LL ALWAYS FEEL HER ARMS AROUND MY NECK!!!!!!



Thank goodness Charlie was ornery, otherwise I would just DIE right now.