Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Charmed beyond belief!

I can't explain the effect of having these precious babies born to us at this very special season of the year...the music of Christmas, especially the music of Christmas, brings me to my knees ANYWAY, but to couple it with the feelings of gratitude we're all feeling about Charlie and Olivia is beyond belief...The power of babies...unspeakable and undefinable...this love that carries us and buoys us...this gratitude that lifts us above our trials and complaints and earthly cares...this hope that the future is bright and all things happen for bigger reasons than we can see or understand now...babies...bright, beautiful, loving and full of grace....God is among us when we hold a baby...


Anonymous said...

another reason you didn't see any pictures of the twins on MY blog - i'm not as smart as their other grandma and i don't know how to do it! :)

are these babies cute or WHAT?

btw, in case there's any doubt, they get that from me.

Em Dog said...

Wow. .. . Olivia looks a lot like Mae did in these pictures! It catches me off guard every time I see it!